Abney Park - July 2014
A new song from the upcoming album that was revealed at the last Seattle show. What do you think ? Isn’t it awesome ?
—> https://www.flickr.com/photos/rainycity1/14704350265

Abney Park - July 2014

A new song from the upcoming album that was revealed at the last Seattle show.
What do you think ? Isn’t it awesome ?

—> https://www.flickr.com/photos/rainycity1/14704350265


"What else could be more pleasant than mystery?"
Well, music. I mean the kind of music men hum or whistle when they feel on top of the world!


So cleavage-of-holding kidnapped steampunkepsilon and I for an Abney Park Concert. I had so much fun and i cant wait to go see them again :)

A really fun fan made video for Æther Shanty !

Things are moving again for Abney Park. Daniel Cederman, who brought a solid bass to the band since Lost Horizons, has decided to leave the band. The best is to let you read his own words :

Its true that my time with Abney Park has come to an end. I have had a great 8 years, 100+ shows, and 8 albums with the band and wouldn’t trade a minute of it. As some of you may know, last August I moved to Chicago to temporarily work as the Engineer Planner with the 416th Theater Engineer Command located at the Argonne Research Lab.
My intention was to work there for a year and then come back to Seattle to continue on with Abney Park. However, while there, I was offered a position as the Dean of Military Science at Hofstra University in NYC. I knew that if I took that position I would have to give up touring with the band because I would be across the country, and we were planning on increasing our show touring schedule quite a bit.
Understand that this was a difficult / heartbreaking decision, but I decided to take that opportunity in NYC and work on my PhD while I’m there.[…]
The band has always been a family to me, and I will miss everything about it. […]
Lastly I would like to thank all of the fans and supporters who have stayed with me along the way. It has been a great 8 years and I’ll miss seeing you at the shows.
Thanks again to Robert Brown, Titus Munteanu, Kristina, and Josh Goering for all the great memories. I hope to see everyone soon!

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Good bye letter from Robert Brown :
It is with heavy heart that I announce Dan Cederman, one of our longest running band members, is leaving Abney Park. Dan was our only part-time musician, he also had a day job in the army, and nine months ago he was transferred to Chicago. Last month, he received news he had been excepted as the Dean of the Military Science Department at Hofstra University in NYC. In addition to this, he will also serve as the Reserve Advisor to several other schools in the Greater NYC area to include St. Johns, Rutgers, and Princeton. This distance, plus his new responsibilities, have made it impossible for him to continue with Abney Park.

Dan has been a good friend and wonderful bandmate, and though the friend ship will never change, we will miss him deeply on stage. Rarely does any band see such long term commit, often at great personal cost to himself. He performed over 100 shows with us, and has recorded on every album since Lost Horizons.

Daniel, thank you for your time, hard work, and creative contribution to Abney Park. You will be missed.

~ “Captain” Robert Brown

You can follow Daniel on his personal blog : http://adreamdivided.com
Photo by Jenni El Fattal

Abney Park - Æther Shanty


Number 4 in my Abney Park Playlist! I find it’s a good song for when my life is unraveling at the seams haha xD

Trivia: Abney Park has performed at numerous festivals, including World Steam Expo, Dragon*Con, WGW, Utah Dark Arts,[16] Bats Day,[17] Convergence, Ravenwood Festival,[18] Masque and Veil, Queen Mary Pyrate Daze,[19] the Bay Area Maker Faire,[20] Steamcon[21]and Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention[22] Their music has also been featured in many compilation CDs, including Gilded Age Records’ An Age Remembered: A Steampunk and Neo-Victorian Mix,[23] Cleopatra Records’ The Unquiet Grave vol. III, Sepiachord’s A Sepiachord Companion, BLC Productions’ Annihilation and Seduction,[24] Squish Me Down Records’ Eighteen (Eighteen NW Bands Benefit CD)

Their music has also appeared in several movie soundtracks, including Insomnis AmourGoth, and Lord of the Vampires. The Abney Park song “Sleep Isabella” was used in a scene in the HBO series True Blood, Season 5 Episode 4.[25]

-Source: Wikipedia

Abney Park - The Clockyard


Number 3 in my Abney Park playlist! <3

Abney Park - Steampunk Revolution


Number 2 on my Abney Park Playlist!!

This is one of the few songs they made a music video for. I confess I am disappointed that they are over-using the hat w/goggles concept, but otherwise, I love looking at all the brass, copper and leather gear! ;D

Trivia: In early 2005, Abney Park** transformed themselves from a largely goth industrial band into a steampunk band. As part of that transformation, Abney Park invented fictional identities of themselves.[3] Since steampunk is largely derived from science fiction and fantasy literature, the band also created a fictional backstory to explain the shake-up in membership and who they were now, and to set a stage for their new music. According to that story, the band’s plane collided with a time-travelling dirigible called the Ophelia—said to have been created by a Dr. Leguminous Calgori (presumably a reference to the 1920 silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari*)—in a freak storm. The band commandeered the vessel, deciding to become airship pirates, and formed a new band from the surviving members of the crash. Much of their music since that time has been based around this fictional backstory.


Abney Park - Building Steam


This band is fucking amazing and doesn’t get nearly enough respect for their bad-assery, so for the next 10 days I will be promoting my top-10 favorites by them! Behold number 1 in my Abney Park playlist!

Trivia: Abney Park is a steampunk band based in Seattle that mixes elements of industrial dance, world music, and steampunk-influenced lyrics in their work. Their name comes from Abney Park Cemetery in London (UK). Formerly a goth band, Abney Park has transformed their look and sound and has been called the “quintessential” representatives of steampunk culture. -Source: Wikipedia


Abney Park in Saint-Petersburg